Are Polymakr

We are an international team that focuses on developing new materials for 3D printing. Our goal is to continuously provide the 3D printing community with the best and the most innovative printing materials in the marketplace.

Our members have a diverse spectrum of expertise and experience, but we have one thing in common: we are all passionate about 3D printing and believe in its world-changing potential. We want to be part of the 3D printing revolution and make our own contributions.

Materials Matter for 3D Printing

Most desktop 3D printers are based on a technology named fused deposition modeling (FDM), which involves continuously extruding a liquefied thermoplastic polymer through a heated nozzle to build 3-dimensional objects layer-by-layer.

FDM is a complex interplay among printer design/quality, slicing engine, object geometry, and properties of the printing materials.

While the past 5 years witnessed rapid development in printer hardware and slicing software, the importance of printing materials has only become in the public focus recently. In reality, printing materials play an even more critical role than what people may think intuitively, as they determine not only the success of the print, but also the usefulness of the printed object, even the safety and health of the printer operator.

Is Our Approach

In our observation of the first several years (since 2007) of desktop 3D printers, most efforts have been in the areas of printer design and software improvement. We feel that material innovations have been largely left behind. This is why we founded Polymakr.

Our approach is simple: we bring the latest materials science and technology to the 3D printing world. Led by two PhD’s with years of experience researching and developing new polymeric materials for various applications, our R&D team understands both materials and 3D printing (we are all proud makers, after all!). As a result we are capable of designing new materials specifically for 3D printing.

Besides our expertise,
we also ensure that:

  • All our raw materials are sourced from reputable suppliers and thoroughly tested (to ensure both quality and safety) before entering our manufacturing process;
  • All our products are tested on main-stream desktop printers using a standardized testing method
  • All our products are manufactured using the most advanced polymer processing techniques and equipment;
  • All our products are packaged in a way that gives easy handling and storage;
  • We work closely with printer manufacturers, leading 3D printing experts and printer users to clearly understand the challenges and needs, to make sure we work on things you want the most;
  • We always allocate a large portion of our budget and effort in R&D to ensure that our next product hits sooner than later.

to Get Our Stuff

Please click here to see our current product offerings. For sales-related inquiries, please email sales@polymakr.com. You can also volunteer to become an independent tester of our products by emailing volunteer@polymakr.com.

to Reach Us

We always want to listen to your ideas on how we can improve and better serve the 3D printing community. Please drop us a line.